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Those who pre-plan allow for their families and loved ones to be focused on what’s most important to each other and their journey through grief into healing.

When pre-planning a funeral, all of your thoughts and wishes are planned for. Your family will know what you want, and not what they think you want. We we’ll help you put it in writing. Writing it down will help avoid family disputes, or involvement by others that may not know what your wishes are.


Your loved ones won’t question:

 “Did we do the right thing?

 "Did we forget anything? "

"Is this what she/he wanted?"

 "Did we spend too much?” 

Pre-planning is the first step; this step allows us to gather your vital information and decisions. We will then file this information until the time comes for when it is needed.

Many people are considering ways to fund their funeral. If you would choose to do this also, this step will actually allow you to set money aside to be used for your funeral expenses. There are a few ways to approach putting money aside for funeral expenses, so we have trained licensed pre-need specialist at our funeral home that can explain all of them to you.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home by clicking the button below.  Fill in as much as you are comfortable with and we'd be pleased to meet with you to discuss further. 

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