Christopher Batchelder
Christopher Batchelder
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Christopher Orin Batchelder passed away at midnight April 16, 2021 at Charter House in Rochester, MN.

Private inurnment will take place at St. Luke's Episcopal Church on Friday, May 8, 2021.

A celebration of his life will be held at a later date.


There are no events scheduled.

L Laurie Ivins Leaf on May 5, 2021

A great man with a generous and caring heart. Our little hallway chats always cheered me. There's comfort in knowing he's in Heaven with other St. Luke's Originals. My deepest condolences to Kay and family. Laurie Ivins Leaf

M Mark Stenson on May 1, 2021

Chris was a good man that helped a lot of people in his lifetime. I am sure he touched more lives than you can ever imagine. I met Chris in 1988 when my wife was diagnosed with cancer. He took us under his wing. My son and daughter were only 4 and 7 years old and the time he spent with them has had an impact on their lives forever. I could only hope to contribute a small portion of what Chris did to humanity, and my time is running short. Kay and Jennifer, you have my deepest sympathy. The world lost a good man. We need more like him. Mark Stenson

M Michael and Luisa Hoffman on Apr 30, 2021

"Christopher Batchelder" will remain in our hearts forever.Memorial Tree was purchased for the family of Christopher Batchelder by Michael and Luisa Hoffman.

M Michael Hoffman on Apr 30, 2021

I was fortunate that my dad introduced me to Chris, his Mayo colleague while I was working my Mayo job during my summer breaks, but it was not until I finished school and ready to make my move to California when my dad suggested I go over and meet up with “Mr. Batchelder” before I left . I somewhat reluctantly did, but thinking that I was forcing myself upon him and he surely had more important things to do. But Chris and I had a really great talk in his office that day where he showed an honest interest in me and my adventures ahead. We agreed to keep in touch, and for the next 35 years we would always correspond and get together for lunch whenever I came back to Rochester and a few great times when he came to Los Angeles.
I would always look forward to what became our annual Christmas lunch get together and it very soon became something I really looked forward to every year as it became a standard part and priority for me of my Christmas break.
Usually going to the restaurant or café we had to traverse various Rochester sidewalks, catwalks or the deepest mayo subway tunnels where we would pass his fellow Mayo workers of every profession and level, patients, and who knows who, seemingly every person in the city. I was always amazed that he seemed to know almost everyone we passed and I could tell by the smiles on their faces he greeted (always by name) that they regarded Chris very highly. I repeatedly witnessed what I consider Chris’s most admirable attribute his sincere and genuine respect and appreciation of everyone he knew.
I have tried to follow in his footsteps the best I can in this respect thanks to Chris as a role model. He would always pick the most appropriate lunch venue and no matter how cold outside I will never forget how I always felt the warmth and good vibrations radiated being radiated from Chris’s presence in contrast to the blizzards outside.

He gave me this plaque after he retired, I believe it was in his office in the Siebens building, I’ve had it on my wall and think of Chris every time I look at it. He was a genuine good and sincere person and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to have him as my good friend I will never forget him.

M Michael Hoffman on Apr 30, 2021

Plaque Chris gave to me

M Martin Wojcik on Apr 27, 2021

During my early tenure with Mayo’s philanthropy program, Chris checked up on me everyday to ensure my well-being. He provided a list of Mayo’s distinctive services and strategies and personally guided me through them. Chris was an extraordinary navigator and helped me see how the institution worked, with genial insights and enthusiasm. I credit him with sustaining my sense of commitment during a challenging time. My deepest condolences to his family for their loss of this special man.

J Jim Krom on Apr 27, 2021

One of the greatest impressions Chris made on me was of gentleness. And one of those times was when he made the time to take a pair of newley weds out for lunch to hear of their plans. Kind words, time, and a listening heart were what he shared at that moment and many others. Jim Krom

J Judy Wilder on Apr 26, 2021

Kay and Jennifer, Chris was a caring and kind man who made a difference throughout his life. I was fortunate to know and work with him at Mayo Rochester. My heart goes out to you in this time of great loss.

R Ray Phelps-Bowman on Apr 26, 2021

Rochester has lost a wonderful man.

C C. Nelson on Apr 23, 2021

Chris was a wonderful mentor to me at Mayo and also graciously provided wisdom guiding me in creating outside flower gardens. He’s likely planting in heaven now💖

J Jim Hodge on Apr 22, 2021

With loving memories of "Christopher Batchelder", Chris was a Master Gardener of the soil and of souls. Mentor, friend, caring colleague.Memorial Tree was purchased for the family of Christopher Batchelder by Jim Hodge.

C Cathy Pletta on Apr 22, 2021

Kay and Jennifer,
We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Chris was such a dear man and a wonderful neighbor.
Our love,
The McNary Family



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